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Dr. Hundt's pain management services provide your pathway to health
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  • Heart rate variability. Determines your overall ability to adapt to the daily stress you encounter.
  • Muscle tone and balance. Evaluates the control of the muscles that support and move your spine.
  • Organ and gland control. Assesses the part of your nervous system that helps control your organs, glands and blood vessels.
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Spinal Care Solutions

Structural Corrective Chiropractic Care: At the Walk of Wellness Healing Center, we give emphasis to ‘Structural Corrective Chiropractic’ – moving and reshaping the entire spinal structure. We use a wide variety of gentle specific and hands on corrective techniques to maximize your healing abilities. We identify the root causes of chronic misalignment using the latest technology and research.

Pain Management Chiropractic: The Walk of Wellness Healing Center uses multidisciplinary approaches to pain management. Our back pain treatments are very popular in Pewaukee and Brookfield.

Computerized Nerve System Analysis: This amazing technology detects issues that are not assessable by doctors and is so sensitive that it spots the problems even before they are painful. This technology helps chiropractors accurately track the effectiveness of the treatment.

Dr. Hundt allows you to live life to the fullest
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Entire Body Health Solutions

Customized Nutritional Counseling: Dr. Hundt reviews your individual nutritional lifestyle and your personal health concerns. Based on this, he will offer a simple and practical diet program designed specifically for you.

Functional Medicine Program: Dr. Hundt discovers your current state of health using this program that offers a comprehensive review of all systems. After a thorough assessment of all the factors, including your detailed health history and lab work-up, he advises the best treatment.

Improving Health Through NutraScreen: State of the art online nutrition questionnaire asking you about what you eat and delivers information, enabling Walk of Wellness professionals to help you meet your health goals. Start here.

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Onsite Proprioception Exercise Therapy: Stimulate the proper nerves and muscles immediately after specific spinal corrections to maximize your adjustments.

Wellness Workshops: WoW Healing Center offers interactive workshops on nutrition, exercise & fitness, energy & time management, stress relief and other health information at both on-site and off-site locations.

Whole Body Detox: Our body detoxification program helps you remove harmful toxins from your blood and cells by increasing your body’s own detoxifying agent.

Whole Body Composition Electro Interstitial Scanning “EIS” Analysis: Cutting edge technology monitors whole body cellular changes as you adapt to a healthier you.

Computerized Stress Analysis: Essential to our entirebody health approach is the remarkable Myovision Surface EMG technology.