Wellness Journies

Each person’s journey to healthy has a different story

Everyone’s healing journey is unique, but we’re here to make it as easy as possible.

You always have the option of maximizing your visit by doing specific in office functional exercises to lock in your nervous system corrections. He uses NASA certified diagnostics to get to the bottom of why you may be having health challenges.This same advanced technology allows him to monitor your response to care.

I’ve had major and minor surgeries and take fairly good care of myself.  I was careful of my diet because of frequent migraines.  I’ve also had instances where my workouts would lead me to decent physical shape, and then I’d hit a wall, not feel well, and lose all I’d worked for.  By the time I started seeing Dr. Hundt, I was so fatigued that I spent most days that month sleeping. Within just a few treatments I had much more energy.  My workouts are much more productive and I don’t need to do as much to see results.  I appreciate his approach to overall wellness, which has caused me to be much more aware of other aspects of my life that have an impact on my physical health.  Overall, this treatment has had a tremendous positive impact on my well-being!

front portrait of stacey m and her story