Everyone trusts Dr. Hundt's experience

Dr. Hundt practices an advanced set of skills to serve our community at a high level.

Many world class athletes and entertainers continue to benefit from Dr. Hundt, Chiropractic Care and Nutritional Wellness  to achieve greatness and stay at their best.

Dave Grohl

Band: Foo Fighters

Dr. Don Hundt hanging with Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters after concert.

Gwen Stefani

Band: No Doubt

Dr. Don Hundt relaxing with Gwen Stefani

Carlos Santana

Solo Musician

Don Hundt kicking back with Carlos Santana.

Gavin Rossdale

Band: Bush

Don Hundt meeting with Gavin Rossdale.

Bob Weird

Grateful Dead

Don Hundt enjoying time with Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead.

Lyle Lovett


Lyle Lovett and Dr. Don Hundt relaxing.

Bob Seger


Dr. Hundt and Bob Seger posing for a picture after a concert.

Neil Diamond


Neil Diamond and Don Hundt hanging out.

Roger Daltrey

Band: The Who

Roger Daltrey and Dr. Hundt backstage at a concert.

Timothy B. Schmidt

Band: The Eagles

Timothy B. Schmidt and Dr. Don Hundt.

Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons

Band: Kiss

Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons towering over Dr. Don Hundt.


Band: The Police

Don Hundt back stage with Sting of the Police.

Steven Tyler

Band: Aerosmith

Dr. Don Hundt enjoying the company of Steven Tyler post-concert.

Kurt Browning

Four Time World Champion Figure Skater

Don Hundt with Kurt Browning at the Olympics.

Scott Hamilton

Olympic Gold Medal Winning Figure Skater

Dr. Don Hundt meeting with Scott Hamilton of the USA figure skating team.

Chris Witty

Gold Medal Winning Speed Skater

Chris Witty, an Olympic Speed Skater, meeting Dr. Don Hundt.

Casey FitzRandolph

Olympic Gold Medal Winning Speed Skater

Dr. Don Hundt, Casey FitzRandolph, and his Gold Medal relaxing.

Dr. Don Hundt

Dr. Hundt at the Salt Lake games

Don Hundt braving the cold at the Salt Lake Olympic games.